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At 11:59 on October 13, 2010, Denis Deasy said…
Hi Theresa - that was quick, well spotted ! The Highfield Nurseries project is at an early stage, I just recently signed up to be involved - site access is still being negotiated, but
the committee hope it will soon be resolved to enable to planting in the new year. If your sister was interested, I could forward her email address to the contacts co-ordinator.
At 16:29 on September 11, 2010, Vinay Gupta said…
Thank you! I'll be in Kilkenny on the 28th of September delivering:
At 22:26 on September 9, 2010, PJ Dooley said…
Hi Theresa,
All going well in Newbridge. Ive just done the Permaculture Design Course in Clughjordan...excellent. I hear you are doing great work in Laois;-)
At 14:45 on August 21, 2010, Victoria Geelan said…
Why thank you for your welcome!
I look forward to getting stuck into some good discussion soon and learning always along the way.
Great to meet you last week, Theresa.
Here we go...
At 22:54 on May 11, 2010, John Ronan said…
Ta, been out of the loop for a while, hoping to be more active with Transition Town Tramore in the coming months.
At 22:23 on April 11, 2010, Valerie Robinson said…
Hi Theresa
Thanks for you welcome. I look forward to hearing more from you and from the members of your site.
Good luck and cheers for now.
At 17:29 on March 27, 2010, Martha Fabregat said…
Hi Theresa, Thanks for your welcome note. I was wondering if you know of anybody that is involved in TT and would be willing to set up an infomation stall at the event we are organising in Kinvara. I know you are all busy that weekend in Kinsale but if you think of anyone please let me know.
At 21:24 on March 23, 2010, Ciarán Carroll said…
Hi Theresa,
Just a random pic off my cousins laptop I'm afraid. no idea where it came from, just thought it was cool:)
At 21:42 on January 26, 2010, Charlie Williams said…

Cheers, Theresa, will try hard ;-)
At 14:57 on January 25, 2010, Niamh McDonald said…
Hi Theresa,

I wrote my masters dissertation on the role that Transition Initiatives played in Somerset County Council's decision to pass a Transition Resolution. Its an interesting case study and its worth taking a look at if you are considering pressing your own local authority to address peak oil. You can find my dissertation at the following link:

At 13:05 on January 15, 2010, Richard Auler said…
I have tried to send a message to you yesterday but I'm not sure it got sent.
However, my heart goes out to you and yours after learning about your partners tumour. Have you ever come across in the context of cancer treatment? Stella has done a hell of a lot of research on nutrition and health, especially regards bipolar disorder, dyspraxia and cancer. If you like feel free to ring her anytime at 052 7442816
All the best,
At 14:47 on January 4, 2010, Richard Auler said…
Thank you so much, Theresa,
I'm very optimistic, they detected it very early, and the survival rate of prostate cancer is very good.
All the best to you and yours,
At 22:46 on November 30, 2009, Aidan Murphy said…
Thanks Theresa! I'm enjoying reading your posts. I really the amount of detail you go into about your startup process.

At 22:45 on November 30, 2009, Aidan Murphy said…
Thanks Theresa! I'm enjoying reading your posts. I really the amount of detail you go into about your startup process.

At 19:08 on September 15, 2009, Michael Kelly said…
thanks Theresa - we had a great weekend in Waterford. Still recovering! But yes we had about 100 people indicate that they want to set up GIy groups in their area so very positive. Alot of work to do now converting all that entusiasm in to action...
At 14:48 on June 10, 2009, Chris Chapman said…
Just wanted to say that I think your on-line diary is a great idea, very real - I was wondering about the potential to include photos / video to make it even more real ? It would be wonderful if more of us (including me !) could get our acts together to record such things.

More best of luck !!

At 19:43 on May 18, 2009, tatiana sibilia said…
Hi Theresa,
thanks for your help, i don't have any training materials or Cds, I would be very glad to get my hands on them though...
I'll look out for your presentation on the forum.
All the best,
At 14:35 on May 18, 2009, Chris Chapman said…
Congratulations - good luck - hopefully there might be a 'right' person there to help you get something going.


At 11:03 on May 16, 2009, tatiana sibilia said…
Hi Theresa,
I am looking for any visual info about transition towns in ireland to use at our first TT gathering here in Scarriff Co.Clare, I'm looking for articles, leaflets, photos, posters... anything that would give people a sense of the bigger picture of TT, if you have anything like that could you send it my way!
Thank you,
all the best,
At 12:44 on May 8, 2009, Chris Chapman said…
Hi Theresa - nice photo - the person I remember mentioning was Norman Macmillan who is Chair of Laois / Offaly Greens and had said to me about going to speak to them about Transition stuff sometime - he works at Carlow IT where he can be contacted on 059 9170554 / 059 9170425 or at

Good luck - let me know how it goes





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