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Welcome from the editor

Our first fortnight is introductions from all the reporters and their initiatives: until 1st October. 

hands in sand imageThere are 12 'social reporters' around The United Kingdom (see the list on the right) who will be in a rota, producing one blog post every day, on a subject set by a guest editor at the beginning of the week. Subjects range from Energy to Economics to Inner Transition.

Read Charlotte's welcome post to find out what it's about, and read the writing rota about when it is going to happen. This week's guest editorial is by Ed, the web co-ordinator.

You can see the latest posts below. We all hope you enjoy, comment, and share.

from Charlotte Du Cann (editor), Ed Mitchell (producer), and all the social reporters.

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Comment by Hugh Treacy on September 28, 2011 at 11:38
I like!  The writing-rota seems fair and not too burdensome to any one contributor.  How about we start an Irish one?  Especially as we have such active groups in Kinsale, Galway, north Dublin, etc,?



Please let us know what stage you are at so that we determine how many communities in Ireland are 'In Transition'.

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The FEASTA Transition Award for communities on the island of Ireland

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