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Dried up rivers, desertification and plagues of snakes in Iraq


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Cities Shrink to Survive

Flint, Michigan plans to bulldoze up to 40% of the city, and return it to nature, to reduce costs....


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Powerdown Show: Transition Towns on Treehugger

Fantastic to see this idea spreading.... and great to see Ireland as the source of a good news story!

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Sustainable Energy without the hot air

This is the best book I have read on the various options available for decarbonising the economy I have read.. it is clear, informative and easy to read, could not reccomend it higher.....

Should be required reading for everyone making decisions on this!


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Dealing with Climate Change Skeptics (or deniers....)

I find this website very very handy, it gives the most common claims used by sceptics (and a rough % of how often they are used) plus the basic science refuting the argument....

Really good;-)

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A Farm for the Future - Excellent Documentary

Howdy all,
This excellent documentary is available again on the BBC iPlayer, enjoy...

IPlayer Link

If anyone would like instructions on getting the iPlayer working in Ireland drop me a mail ;-)

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After the Oil Collapse

For those of you who might not have seen these, there are some amazing photo essays of Detroit at the moment.... how quickly a city can decay, Detroit has been on a slow decline since the 70's with houses now available for the princely sum of $1.,29307,1864272,00.html…


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Transition Covered in Elle Magazine

I never thought I'd be posting a link from Elle.

Anyway, here ya go:

It's quite positive coverage. I'm just shocked that a fashion magazine has covered it.

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