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Introduction to Permaculture

Dear Fellow Transitioners,

Most of you know that we are attempting to run the first" Introduction to permaculture" course in Northern Ireland at Glenhordial permaculture farm this weekend. However the take up on the course has been poor and to date we have just three places booked,with another three people interested in a concessionary place. There are probably a number of reasons for this, but I feel the main one is that people simply do not… Continue

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A Year in the Life of Omagh Transition Town

To have a look at an infrequent newsletter from Omagh Transition click on the link below

Transition Times Dec 2009.pdf

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Benedict issues forceful environmental message

What ever your feelings are about the Catholic Church it is interesting that it seems to be getting involved in the Climate Change Debate read more here . Copenhagen may well be known for the deals that were not made,it will also be known for bringing the conversation into the lives and kitchens of the multitudes.

The hairdresser , the publican and the parish priest are now all… Continue

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Free Guide to setting up your own local currency

Transition Network is delighted to be able to present the first in an occasional series of pdf. only ‘How to’ guides, focusing on the experience of the Lewes Pound, and how to set up a similar scheme. You can download the guide here (Lewes-Pound-How-To-Guide.pdf,

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Free energy courses in the South West College see pdf

Carbon Zero NL Ad.pdf

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Communication and Transition again!

As I am unable to see a way to add another post to the existing blog about communication(other than adding a comment) it looks like that I have to start a new blog each time . Still on about communication. You know when you meet "that person" the out and out climate denier, who has learnt off a few climate denial facts and is maybe a better debater or a more evocative speaker than you are and who then proceeds to demolish your argument.Well I came across this excellent article in the Times(uk)… Continue

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More on communication

The possibility that exists around the Transition Initiative both here in Omagh and on the world stage is at once audatious and unimaginable, restrained only by shoddy communication, cyncism and/or resignation. However once we action some thing from an emotional context we open up the emergence of a whole new possibility.

The use of art as a medium for a vision to influence existing protocols, is a vehicle sometimes stolen,reinvented and added… Continue

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Transition and Communication

Still musing about communication and the way we do it , for that is what we are, is it not? Communicators? Essentially we have embraced the concept that we have a dilemma a Peak Oil and Climate Change dilemma for which there isn’t one obvious answer, but many infinite solutions. We as a community in Transition Land are hugely aware of this and have begun to act accordingly, but we are early adaptors of "an idea" anxious to share the knowledge and raise awareness. Being early adaptors the… Continue

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Transition Together

It occurred to me recently in an introspective moment that perhaps we were loosing the run of ourselves in Transition Land. Here we are, ordinary people chained to our computers participating in heated debates and discussions about what is so in all things Transition. Raising awareness,persuading,enrolling , convincing and speaking to people about things that concern them in relation to Peak oil,climate change and future energy shortages.However valuable all this is, somehow we seem to be… Continue

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Rob Hopkins response to Alex Steffans critique at world changing

This is a fascinating exchange between two leading critical thinkers . It is worth taking the time to start with reading Alex Steffans view of Transition and Robs answer to it and then following the commentary on Robs blog by others . Link here to Robs response from there you will get the link to Alex's original piece.

I am more confused than… Continue

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