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I have had a rather successful year in the veg garden this year and I put this down successional sowing if you sow every month you harvest every month. I am interested in exchanging info; what you are growing, what varieties, when you sowed, seed saving, and as winter approaches what you are growing now,and into the cold season I have leeks carrots and broccolli at present have recently planted garlic and next month will sow peas and broad beans I attach a photo of my most recent harvest (October) what are you up to in your garden? I would love to hear.

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I am curious about the Shitake mushrooms I assumed (wrongly by the looks of things) that they would need to be kept in the dark and warmish. Can you tell us how you did it?
The answer to your question is really rather complex and my journey into mushroom cultivation began 5 years ago with a training course and a self driven study and experimentation ever since. I teach people how to make their first mushroom log at The Organic centre Rossinver. Or I reccomend studying the techniques involved, and if you wish can reccomend books you may wish to read.
What hints do you have on growing winter veg? Would love to know if you can plant carrots in the autumn. Ours are really slow this year and were poor last - wormy holes in them (carrot fly?) - and we'd love to be able to stock up. Beetroot good - that seemed to last ok in the ground. Don't like kale. Not great with cabbage (good in the spring. Unless we could grow red??) What else might be good in the winter? Our broad beans in the polytunnel failed - probably because the door was closed too often to let the bees in. Oh, yes, and bees: I'd love to keep bees but I don't want to take their honey. I just want to act as a sort of guardian. But I'll probably screw up. My mother and grandmother kept bees so I've got the background and I love them. I just don't want to interfere. I want to build up stock, as it were. That's interfering though, isn't it?
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