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Renewable Energy Export and Development Policy - deadline Nov 22nd

Hi folks. This is the first action coming from our event last Saturday. 

A couple of people from TINI suggested that we make a submission to the Renewable Energy Export and Development Policy

A bit of feedback from some photos

The most urgent item on our agenda has to be the call for submissions, to be in by Nov 22nd, under the current "consultation" process for the Renewable Energy Export and Development Policy. This is effectively a policy to enable the infrastructure be put in place to export wind power, in the form of electricity, to the UK.

Details are available here 

The information document for consultation purposes is here and it states the following which is very significant:

"Due to our location and climate, in Ireland we have huge renewable energy potential, particularly from wind and, in the longer term, from wave and tidal power. It has become clear that Ireland’s wind and ultimately ocean resources can deliver significantly greater volumes of energy than our domestic market can absorb. There is great potential for Ireland to become a renewable energy exporter within the next few years.

The Government has recognised this export opportunity in the Strategy for Renewable Energy 2012-2020, and seeks to support the export of renewable energy to other member states of the EU, on condition that it is of clear and significant benefit to the Irish economy and with no net cost to the Irish consumer. The Strategy for Renewable Energy 2012-2020 sets out certain goals, including the achievement of progressively more renewable electricity from onshore and offshore wind power for the domestic and export markets. It states that there are market possibilities for onshore wind projects of significant scale, which may in time offer the potential for the development of export to the UK market directly from the island of Ireland.

The Government is committed to implementing the actions outlined in this strategy so as to ensure that this export opportunity can be realised. The potential benefits of a wind and ocean energy industry of scale are significant at both national and local levels in terms of jobs, investment, potential interconnection benefits and revenue for the state."

A little background-

The National Renewable Energy Action Plan document Strategy for Renewable Energy 2012-2020 referred to above, was drafted without consideration of public participation making it non compliant with the Aarhus Convention which protects the publics right to participate in plans that affect our environment. While Ireland had not ratified the convention at the time, Europe had. The document was drafted following a directive from Europe and Europe should have ensured all member states were compliant with Aarhus. They didn't and Irelands administration were allowed draft whatever plans they wanted. 

My personal view is that the NREAP, Strategy for Renewable Energy 2012-2020 is null and void given the fact that it was non participatory. The public were not consulted. Therefore any plans being made on top of it are equally void including this export policy.

In order for a People's Charter to progress we need to make sure the infrastructure is not tampered with until we are finished our consultations and charter. Having been sidelined we are now doing our best to participate in Ireland's energy future and have the right to this process being respected.

Anyone who is interested in working to have the NREAP deemed void and the Energy Export policy plans put on hold until adequate participation is facilitated please email

Hopefully we can achieve this with departmental negotiations and the support of our public representatives. That will depend upon the amount of support the action has. If you cannot get involved with the negotiations please consider being committed to getting support locally and lobbying in your own area.
For more information into how to keep up to date with what's going on

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I think this is so important we should broadcast it to all members and bring their attention to it. Is there some way we can set up a statement and seek support from individuals and groups. I see no mention of developing local grids that would allow for community owned energy generation projects to feed into the national grid, never mind exporting.

I also believe there will be costs to the citizen of Ireland in putting in the super grid structures and then we will see these wind-farms being sold off, perhaps even with Coilte attached.

We are lagging behind in tariffs being paid to micro generators and I see this as a cynical move to create another asset stripping sale to the corporate supporters of the parties in power in this country. As George Monbiot pointed out recently, we have no democracy any more, I'm not sure if we have ever really had it yet.

It is all being pushed in as fast as possible while the bulk of the giant sleeps. The rest are just tutting at the folk in the midlands being anti wind!

We should be doing something. Transition is about the local action and resilience. This just flies in the face of that. Everybody who considers transition the way forward needs to engage in this one.

Just thinking about when this NREAP was being drafted. TINI was very much alive and well looking at energy issues, peak oil and renewables anyway. Based on the historical way these procedures play out we should have been one of the obvious "stake holders" who definitely should have been approached.

I reckon we should object to the NREAP based on the fact that we were actively discussing peak oil, energy dependency, climate change and renewable energy. We were possibly even planning our briefing for Leinster House.

A few of us have been working on a submission which we hope to have finalised tomorrow to be circulated before being sent to the department. If anyone wants to come in at this late stage now if is your chance!

Well here is my submission attached which I have made on behalf of TINI, due to deadlines there was no time to circulate before emailing in.

Sorry, this is Alex Duffy as TINI..


Thanks Alex. It's been a long day! Sorry I couldn't help you out more - I got caught leaving mine too late!


Your example was great, without you I would not have done one at all, so our collective thanks to you Theresa.

These things are nightmarish, but I learnt so much recently about the whole area of renewable energy in Ireland and I look forward to establishing Energy Co ops now.. !!

I see in my own submission one or two typo's where the spell check puts the wrong word in, but it gets the points across anyway...




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