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I'm pondering an all island group to promote renewable energy. I know - nothing amazing there but it is to counter balance the anti groups.

At the moment we have numerous anti frack and off shore drilling groups. These groups are targeted and used against themselves by the corporations and the governments. Suddenly anyone who opposes them is a hippy denouncing economic growth and progress. All of these groups are engaged in NIMBY style groups, taking courage to start but also easy to target.

Wouldn't it be good to have an all island pro renewable energy network who would support each other and help with the propaganda? The only argument is the source of energy - considering all state sources want us to shift to renewables you would think that argument would be easy. 

Anyone with energy, time and commitment??? :)

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It seems the ESB is now charging domestic customers who use TOO LITTLE electricity

That one has to be up there with the car scrappage scheme.

Didn't spot this, so thanks Andy. It nicely demonstrates one of the dilemma we face with contraction in the economy. Making the choice of living simply is fine for the individual but deadly for the institutions which feed off our consumption.

I was out in the world the other day, as it happens delivering a presentation on 'community responses to crises' to a group of  students who had just completed a module on sustainability. We had a wide ranging  discussion afterwards. However, it was quite shocking just how little connection some students made between things that directly affected their own lives, and the big picture stuff like fossil fuel depletion, climate instability etc.

One student even held up the United States as a model economy because gasoline is less than half the price it is here! I felt obliged to mention some other aspects of life in the US, such as the level of violence, lack of basic health care,  and proportion of people living at or below subsistence level.

The other thing that was very noticeable (and quite saddening ) was the level of  self dis-empowerment. Education has failed, I think, in the most basic of things, that is to get students to think for themselves.

Education today is an industrial system and while it suits a minority it fails the rest. However parents are more than willing to allow their children go with the system. Over the years most education has been removed from the home and taught in school - road safety, oral hygiene, basic hygiene in some cases, cycling, exercise, sex ed - everything becomes part of the system and parents disempower themselves and their children. Creativity is lost and fitting in becomes paramount. It's a sad reality.

These were third level students, incidentally, nearing the end of their studies and soon to embark on looking for a job, emigrate, or join dole queues.

I understand. The apathy amongst third level isn't dissimilar to the apathy in the adult realm. If anything secondary school and college knocks the enthusiasm they have in primary out of them. They are all green schooled in school but it falls off and only the geeks do it in secondary. I know someone from a class of sus dev course whose class only care for the sake of the course. Anything she tries to get them involved in outside of the course is ignored. They don't believe in it passionately - it's a possible job :(




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