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At the Transition Gathering, there seemed to be general support for the idea that we should have a simple system of mentoring available within the network. This posting is intended to kick this off.

At its' simplest, a mentor would just be someone who would make themselves publicly available, by phone, e-mail or in person, for people who wanted to tap into their experience. Potentially, this would be particularly good for people who were new to the network and / or starting new initiatives.

Being a mentor doesn't mean you are setting yourself up as having all the answers, just that you are offering to be someone that people can ask questions of. Often, the best answer a mentor can give is to use their experience to flag another person to answer that particular question.

In practice, we could just have a link on the front of this site that went into a listing of people who are happy to be contacted, with details of the kinds of things they would encourage people to contact them about. Nothing fancy.

Any thoughts or comments ? - I suggest we pause for a week and see if anyone has anything to say then 'just do it'.



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Great idea Chris, I'm all for it





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