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Learning for Building Capacity in our system or something like that

Hi everyone

In our brief discussion on this last weekend, we agreed 8 actions !!

1. To set up a mentor system (I'll post something more on this when I get the time)
2. That there should be training for those that want re conducting effective meetings (I am sure there are lots of people in the system who could provide this - anyone want to step up and offer it ? !)
3. That there should be training available re facilitating World Cafe and Open Space - I am happy to offer this and if anyone wants to talk more - let me know
4. That there should be some 'going deeper' training - Valerie and myself have committed to making this happen - Joanna Macy is in the UK in September, so we're asking Davie to persuade her to come to Ireland too, if this doesn't work, we'll make something else happen
5. We need to create a culture of learning - where we make sure we get the learning out of the things we do and spread it around the system - I'll post some thoughts on this too - it needs to become just part of the way we do business
6. There will be another one of the 'Transition Trainings' - Davie will update us on this and then we need to build the capacity to do this without people from the UK
7. There will be another training re facilitating the Powerdown Course - Davie will update us on this in due course
8. It would be good if there was another Art of Hosting training in Ireland going deeper into and under and behind methodologies like World Cafe, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry and Circle Work - I'll be talking to various others about this in the next while

And then I remembered something else which is meant to be good practice on these ning like sites - that is for a few people to volunteer to be community gardeners (yes really that's the jargon) - what community gardeners do as I understand it is they get together (via Skype ?) once a month and agree a summary of what's going on on the site as a whole to help people who don't check it every five minutes and to encourage people who are on the mailing list, but don't log in,to get on board - making it as easy as possible for the less techy types.

Anyone fancy self-organising as part of a community gardening team ?

Of course, if anyone has other ideas or comments, you could welcome them to the discussion

Not bad methinks, shame it took me til now to put this here - busy out !

Take care


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