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Just in case anyone wants to talk about it!!!

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Hi, see where I put up info on a public seminar the Dept. of Environment is running about this on 24th Jan, on the Events page. They give a whole 20 mins for open discussion!

I was wondering would it be good for TINI to put in a proper submission, on the basis that it might not be taken it on board but if you're not in you can't win and it's an opportunity to have our say at national policy level. I would be willing to help pull something together if there were a couple more members to do it with me. I haven't read the document yet so haven't a clue how difficult or otherwise this might be, but willing to have a go.

Let me know!

Thanks Mieke

I will be helping with submissions from Laois. The main points we are taking are implementation and indicators. The content appears to be good - just like LA21, however we need decisive implementation and subsequent indicators.

What do you feel about it?

With regard to a TINI submission - I don't see why not. We could pull something together and distribute it to members for comment. If anyone objects to it on good grounds then we won't use it. No loss to me as I will be working on a few anyway. 


Hi Theresa,

I will aim to read through it sometime over the next 5-7 days and feed back with my thoughts by next week. We could see where we're at then, if anyone else wants to chip in before we draft up something. I suppose a draft would need to be circulated to members by early Feb. to give time for comments.


Sounds like a plan Mieke :)



I was working on a local submission for the framework for sustainable development in Ireland and mentioned TINI a couple of times. Having finished I believe it is appropriate that we deliver our own submission.
Here is the draft for consultation. Ignore the rest if you're pressed for time but the relevant pages are 45 to 54 and the measures they plan taking are on pages 53 and 54. This is where we should put in what we need.
What I want from any of you that has a few minutes is to think of measures that can be implemented at national level which will facilitate what you are trying to do. Try to make them cheap and workable.
I will upload what I have so far.

You have until noon tomorrow for input :)

This is what went in today...





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